Saturday, October 6, 2007

Earn from the Net, Is it Possible?

The site is ladden with scam so be careful before you waste your time and effort to sites offering income from the net. One such site that received hundreds of negative comments and labeled by its members as scam is cash fiesta. However, I believe there are also legitimate ones. Below are some sites that I didn't find any negative comment yet. In fact, some friends already recieved payments in one of them. Through myLot, try to find other sites that could be profitable.

http://r.[WEB SITE REMOVED]/roninartist/


  1. Just wonder why I can't post my yuwie link here at my Multiply blog. As you can see above, I was trying to post this link yuwie com/roninartist and it doesn't come out ok, instead it says [WEBSITE REMOVED]. Perhaps they don't wannna be posting link of their competition.