Thursday, January 24, 2008

They Eat Like Us??????

I have written this a long time ago but kept forgetting to put it in my blog. My reaction on the eating habit of Luc Gallardo who used spoon and fork and was regarded as disgusting by the school principal (

Her mom Maria Theresa Gallardo was told that her son should be punished for eating with spoon and fork. He was prejudiced and was forced to eat alone in another table every time he eats like a pig. That's using the fork to push the food into the spoon. What the.... I just ate like that last night at the Bulaluhan. I haven't yet seen any pig in my place that eats with spoon and fork. At least in the Philippines they behave like pigs (see the picture of a pig made in the Philippines).

And what about eating with your hands or with Chopsticks? If that's how you were raised and that's the most comfortable way for you to eat, you have to change it in that part of the Planet. But in our part of the world, we cook pork, (that's pig's meat :-), into delicious dishes like sinigang, binalsig nga inanger, and also bulalo. Like what Mrs. Gallardo said, how indeed can you eat those delicacies with a fork and a knife? I pity this Principal Bergeron and his co-teachers who haven't tried our appetizing dishes.

One day I'll go and see how Principal Bergeron's pig dine. That would be a very good photography subject. In that part of the World, pigs eat with spoon and fork. They EAT LIKE US?

At least not all Canadians think the same way. This is what the Canadian embassy said after the incident: "To assert one's eating practices, which after all are most proper and which have become part of one's cultural identity is, in fact, encouraged under the Canadian immigration policy on creating a Canadian mosaic rather than a melting pot.

There's one pig I'd like Norman Bergeron and Martin Bertrand meet, Hannibal Lecter's pig.

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