Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Paypal Philippines At Last

I believe this is something a lot of us had been waiting for. There had been a lot of potential online businesses in the Philippines but there was one big problem. That's how to receive credit card paymets for our local products or services. I actually missed this email I received last January 29. I stumbled upon it when I was cleaning up my spam messages.

All you need is your credit card. If you can't open a credit card, just open an account and apply for a debit card. In some banks, debit card account is only Php2,000.00. Next you open an account with paypal and include your debit or credit card number.

Now you can receive payments through paypal. You can transfer your payments from your paypal to your bank account online. You can then withdraw the money from your bank.

For more infomation click this link. You can also use xoom, moneybookers. If you want to know how to setup your website just pm me.


  1. Well, I hope it finally works. The banks in Baguio -- the so-called biggest one --- didnt know anything about it. Maybe, they can explain or talk about it now.

  2. They don't really know how it works but they don't have to. I updated my blog how it is done.

  3. Will have to explore this further. I haven't had the time to study this although I also got an email from my previous PayPal enrollment.

    I hope it is related to the E-Card which has a "front" account number that would later verify the real account number. The "front" or decoy number is an antidote against con men and scams.

    Thanks again.