Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Baguio Forums

When pioneered local forum sites, many used it to exchange ideas, news, or just plain talks. Many people met new friends. It has become a tool for organizations to post activities. Many organizations were started here and many forum sites sprang to deliver the demand of the growing forumers.

Organizations for philanthropic works were also formed. One is the "Baguio Forumers Club" now called Forumers Association of the Philippines (FAPI). The group adopted a part of Burnham Park to improve. This site was poorly maintained for the lack of park workers. The group started with tree planting activity, in concord to the City’s Regreening movement. “It was not merely tree planting on the site”, explained the group’s president, known as S.S. or Single Shot in the forums. “The place was entrusted to the organization to beautify and create it into a real park.” Donations from individuals locally and abroad were funneled to finance this project. Individual volunteers did the handworks.

Another group from the newly formed lead by the Administrators have adopted an orphanage and used their site to raise funds. The raised money were used to fix the children’s playgrounds and repaint their toys and equipments.

A newly formed organization was the Cordillera Online Community from The group undertook projects in isolated shools in Benguet distributing school materials. They have also supported several fund raising projects like concerts for causes. Like the other forum organizations, they were able to raise funds for those who can’t afford medical treatments.

With the help of the forums raising funds for projects are made easier. Without these sites, communications would have been impossible. Baguio Forums will always be a part of these organizations.

From these forums a yearly tradition was born, a grand eye-ball was held where members of the different forum sites meet. This year it will happen at the City Tavern on May 10 at 7 pm. My names in those forums are shadow and hunter.


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