Friday, December 26, 2008

Street Children

I still wonder how many street children there are in Baguio. I don't know what the local government can do to help them or do they really want to be helped? During holidays specially Christmas and Holy weeks, their numbers increases. Not only the street kids, they even have their parents with them. They come here to take advantage of the generosity of the people during these holidays.

But they're not the ones I want to talk about for after the holiday they will be gone. I am more concerned about the street children that do live in our neighborhood. Some of them are trying their best to survive by selling bags, cigarettes or candies on the streets.

However, many of them have relied on stealing to survive. Police have reports that many of them are committing crimes from pickpocketing, snatching to prostitution. These things has become normal daily chores to them. Can the society still do something to help them?

The photo you see here is just one of the photos I took of them. In here, they rely on the cheapest drug available, probably to escape from reality or perhaps they just don't have anything better to do.

Looking at them I feel lucky that despite of difficulties, I still have a place I can call home and a family to turn to when hardship is in the offing. I don't know if there is still hope for these street children. I am not one of the privileged so what I could give them is be just enough to feed one for just one meal once in a while. These kids had been surviving like this always depending on the little extras people can give them. But I believe that's not what they really need.

I believe what they need is a place they can call home, a decent job and someone to guide them. And who can possible provide that? I thought at first that it should be the government as part of the services they should be doing for the taxes we pay, now I don't really know if they even care.

I've seen many non-government agencies helping many of them but there seem to be no end of them. When will these problems be solved?


  1. korek! as i have said before..the govt should think of ways to help them...activities/projects for them...for them to make a living...kawawa sila eh pag ganyan...wala mangyayari sa kanila. as long as they are in the streets, the more they will become "pasaways"
    there was a time...nagulat nlng ako kasi biglang may nagtakbuhang mga bata sa may session road...marurumi sila...then biglang hinablot ung dala-dala ko..."akin nlng toh" sabi pa! nainis talaga ako...wala kasing di lang sa akin ginawa un!

  2. i think somebody should start contacting UNDP or other agencies working with street children, I'm sure they will consider helping and giving these children another chance. but it's good to know that you are there to document this kind of cases, this should be a good start...

  3. I believe the government, NGO's or other agencies should start to deal with this problem by looking at the main reason why this children go on the street. They need to go down to the basic unit of our society, the family, to talk to its members and see how they could help the family economically,emotionally and spiritually.