Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Calling of the Pen

Carl Cariño Taawan

Their pens are proven mightier than any sword. They helped bring down a system and forge a new government. The economy have risen and fallen with their words.

They are the voices when the masses wanted to be heard, and they are tools for the leaders to inform the masses. They are the instruments that bridge the gap between the peoples of the country.

The people demanded for their words on unforeseen occurrences. When revolutions happen they sacrificed so much to keep their voices heard.

When calamities struck, provisions were sent because their words had struck the good hearted people.

The merchants have supported them and they too have brought their end of the bargain by making their supporters wealthier.

The entertainment industry that made the people smile or cry after a hard day’s work has come to dramatic growth because of them.

The very politicians, for obvious reasons, have entreated for their assistance and many have risen to power with them behind.

The armed forces have sought them to cover their works as well as in defending their rights and these things too were granted countless of times.

Yet in a slight suspicion or for their own conveniences, those who asked for their help will not think twice to condemn them to hell. It came to be so that one of the least paid jobs in the country is also one of the most dangerous.

Many tears have fallen and their bloods have tainted the earth, their bodies have piled up to the roof of the heavens. The scream of their plea for justice has plagued the land yet their pleas have been forgotten.

Many will keep on trying to stop them, but atrocity will only fuel their burning desires to fulfill their duty.

This is not just a job that they must do. This is their passion. A calling like a burning fire inside that they cannot endure and have to let out.

Their desire to keep the people informed no matter what is their way of life.

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