Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strawberry Lane: A Unique Trade Fair at the Strawberry Festival

One of the unique innovations during the Strawberry festival is the Strawberry Lane which offers variety of strawberry inspired products from donuts to facial scrub.

What was removed from the Baguio Panagbenga Festival which was the flower inspired foods fair, La Trinidad picked up. Chairperson Municipal Agriculturist Fely Ticbaen said that “the trade fair is to showcase different entrepreneurs producing strawberry based products.”

Many who participated continued the product that won a Guinness World Record in 2004 when La Trinidad showcased the biggest strawberry shortcake. Different versions had been competed against each other for the best strawberry shortcake since then and some are currently offered at the Strawberry Lane. Normancita Obar also known as Menchi, an entrepreneur of Menchie’s did not only offer cakes but it also produced its unique version of strawberry donuts. One of the sponsors of the activities, she operates her business at home and her cakes can be ordered through her cellphone at 09089000672.

Other unique products are strawberry toast pizza by Veronica Siloy, Strawberry Sherbet at Ligaya canteen and of course there are the different brands of strawberry wine and strawberry jams.

Other agricultural events during the culminating program of the Strawberry Festival was the Duting tan Dukto, a breakfast treat serving strawberries (duting) and camote (dukto) products.

Strawberry eating contest was also held as fun activity. The biggest strawberry competition was held for the strawberry growers. The free wine tasting was not only participated by men by a large number of women as well.

The main event was the Giant Strawberry Salad Bowl where more than 3,000 servings were distributed for free.


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