Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Third Ensalidummaay Grand Convention

A gathering of several facebook groups attended by about 15 organizations kicked off last Saturday (October 27, 2012) in a solidarity program of fun and discussions of issues and outreach activities they can accomplish together.

Hosted by Luzon 14 circle of friends, this is the third time these groups gathered each presenting its own projects and programs that other groups could help out. Also sponsored Rob Ocampo, Pabs Anector who shared in the foods, decorations and other needs.

With a theme to unite goals despite the differences in the groups’ predisposition, the different groups were successful in helping each other in different outreach programs ranging from concerts for causes, book drives, tree planting and other similar activities.

During the program, the following projects were introduced and/or launched.

• The “Libro Mo, Inspirasyon Ko” Part 2, a book drive to help develop libraries in isolated schools in the Cordilleras

• RSDI’s Health Assistance Project to help a child patient

• A School Building Repair in Sablan

• The launching of the Smile Movement

Salidummay is a common song that every Cordilleran has probably heard. Using it as a title of the event, the organizers hope that despite the differences, this will help build a better online community that can be useful in building a better Baguio and better Cordillera.

Ensalidummaay is a quarterly event that started on April 2012 as a unifying movement.

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