Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Fourth Ensalidummaay Convention

In preparation of the Ensalidummaay Grand Convention or grand canao this summer, the fourth Ensalidummay assembly was held at the Anthurium Hall in Benguet State University last January 19, 2013.

The gathering is a quarterly solidarity assembly by different groups online and offline where members of different groups present projects that other groups can help out.

Partly sponsored by the Aliping family, Rob Ocampo and other members who brought in foods and drinks, the event is once again attended by leaders numbering to almost a hundred from about 10 groups. It was hosted by Interactive Cordillera, an online group that was started before the advent of facebook. The Samahang Ilocano (SI) is the newest group to join the event. The group attended to present their new identity which was always perceived as a fraternity now reorganized as a philanthropic non government organization.

The event was a mixture of presentation and workshop where members learn the steps of Cordilleran Dances. Parlor games are the fun part of the event. Special guest Glen Gaerlan performed two great song pieces.

Part of the event was a planning discussion for the up-coming anniversary of the event which will be held at the Pine Trees of the World Park this coming April 20 in the tradition of the grand canao. A dancing competition of the authentic Cordilleran dances will be the highlight of the event with members of the different groups to present in their own local costumes. There will be a singing competition in the evening in front of a bonfire where members will sing a cordilleran song.

The Ensalidummaay Grand Convention is expected to attract several hundreds of participants.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Libro Mo, Inspirasyon Ko Part 2

Part 2 is Ifugao. On our Part 3 book drive, we will be going back to Benguet to be followed by Mt. Province.